Setting up a wireless router is simple. Setting up a wireless system that is secure, high performing, stable, and can support all of your devices is a little more complex.

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Zeta Sky specializes in designing, installing, and managing Wi-Fi systems large and small. Our experts have experience setting up systems for office environments, convention centers, warehouses, retail locations, and even outdoor settings covering large areas. With more mobilized workers, Cloud based desktops, and a wide range of internet connected devices, a solid Wi-Fi network is fundamental. Our typical designs include:

  • Secure SSID’s for various groups of users
  • Beaming technology to direct signal to each device
  • Bandwidth management
  • Stream across multiple access points
  • Guest access splash pages

ruckusAs a certified Ruckus partner, you can trust Zeta Sky with designing the optimal solution for your business. With more and more hand held devices and Cloud computing applications, having a robust wireless LAN solution is necessity. We have chosen to standardize on Ruckus wireless equipment as we believe it provides the best value in the industry, and as a company they stand behind the solution 100%.

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