Virtual Private Cloud

  • Why Cloud?

    Your business can’t ignore Cloud technologies. In today’s competitive marketplace having the right tools when it comes to your technology is a big differentiator. Clients demand speedy service, communication, and a constant pulse on your business. Furthermore employees are demanding the flexibility to work from different locations and devices.

    Downtime is not an option anymore, even when your building may be experiencing a power failure or internet outage. Cloud Computing enables you to shift a majority of the IT infrastructure needs and responsibility to a top tier datacenter.


    Private, Public, Hybrid

    This is where things can get a little fuzzy. Should you build your own Cloud, subscribe to a public Cloud solution, take a hybrid approach, or move your entire network to an IT providers Cloud? Although some of the benefit of using Cloud is to offload some of the basic IT responsibilities, you may not necessarily want to give away too much control of your corporate data network.

    We can help guide you through these questions and develop a solution that works best for your company. Our experience with AWS, Citrix, Microsoft, and other leading technologies enables us to give you the best options available on the market. Unlike many Cloud providers who prefer that you migrate to “their” Cloud, we can build a solution custom tailored and secured for your company.

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    Before you go running to the Cloud, make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into. At Zeta Sky we believe our clients should have flexibility, transparency, and control of their network… even in the Cloud. We’ll steer you clear of solutions that lock you in or don’t provide the customization you need. The Cloud should not be a one size fits all approach, we believe it should be a flexible and elastic solution that can change with your business over time. Whether you’re looking to host a single application or build a full Virtual Desktop solution, we can help.

  • Top Cloud Concerns





    Vendor Lock-In



    You’ve probably heard the line before… “Cloud is much more secure than your current on premise network.” Although it may be true, it depends which Cloud you’re talking about. They’re not all the same.

    Leverage our experience and knowledge and learn about the different types of Cloud technologies and varying security measures in place. Our fully transparent and no “sales pitch” approach to Cloud will enlighten you on your choices.

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