Desktop as a Service

  • DaasYour desktops are the interface of the network to your staff. Managing them to ensure maximum productivity is your goal, but old equipment, different operating systems, and data sprawl can add complexity to the situation.

    Managing the applications on each workstation presents another challenge as your organization grows. Permissions, versions, and updating of software can become an enormous task. Every IT manager (and user!) dreads having to replace their workstation because “stuff isn’t the same” when you get the new computer. So they keep quiet and deal with the old slow computer that they are used too, slowly leaking away company productivity. 

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There’s A Better WayXenDesktop

Desktop virtualization has made it easy to centralize your desktops on a server, either in your data center or even a Virtual Private Cloud. Now managing a group of desktops is as simple as making one change. One app update, security patch, or even adding a new user or an entire department.

  • Use virtually any device
  • Desktops, laptops, tablets, PCs, Macs
  • Users can work seamlessly between devices
  • Centrally manage security
  • Data, apps, settings centralized
  • Reduce chance of data sprawl on devices
  • Allow certain (or all) employees to work from anywhere
  • Enhanced experience with Citrix

Anywhere Anytime