Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • You’re Only As Good As Your Last Backup

    Your company’s data is arguably one of its most valuable assets. In fact many statistics show that businesses that lose data have a much higher chance of retraction or even closure. Unfortunately no security solution is 100% guaranteed to protect your network which is why investing in a solid backup system can make all of the difference if/when your data becomes compromised. But is backing up your data alone enough?


    Files or Servers?

    If tomorrow your network was wiped out by a virus, natural disaster, hardware failure, or any other reason, would you want full backups of your entire servers, or just the raw files?

    Of course you answered entire servers:).  A full image based backup of your servers contains the operating system, applications, configurations, and data. In the event your server was wiped out, you can simply load an image of it onto new server hardware and recover quickly. If you only have the data, you must rebuild the server, applications, configure everything the way it was, and then import data…a much longer and more complicated process. Zeta Sky can help you assess your current backup procedures and advise on any potential improvements. We offer onsite and cloud based solutions that provide reliable backup and recovery of your business servers and data.

    Cloud Backup


    High Availability – Replication

    In some cases, implementing a Disaster Recovery solution that includes replication of your backups to a secondary standby site (a.k.a cold site) might make sense. Zeta Sky will design a strategy that automates the backup policies from your primary datacenter and replicate the full server images to a second datacenter, or even AWS where a standby network us ready to be spun up in the even the primary datacenter were to fail.

    If a second live environment is needed with a heart beat fail over, Zeta Sky offers replication services between to live networks, delivering live redundancy and high availability between two or more data centers. For organizations that can not afford a minute of downtime, this strategy works best.

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