Bandwidth Procurement

Need For Speed?
Internet Speed

Odds are your business is hungry for more internet speed. Just 5 years ago getting a T1 (1.544Mbps) in your building was impressive. Today we are helping clients deploy 1 Gig (1000Mbps) fiber connections. The reality is data is growing at a rapid pace, and the workforce demands nearly instant access. With Cloud solutions, larger data files, the need to work on web based apps, and the rich content server on the Internet, reliable and fast bandwidth is fundamental to your business.

Zeta Sky Can Help

We deal with Internet Service Providers (ISP) everyday. We know who has great service and great prices in your area. Furthermore we have developed great relationships with most carriers and are often able to provide our clients multiple competitive offers for internet and phone service.

We take it a step further then just shopping for you, we work with the carrier all the way through install and turn up to ensure a smooth transition to your new internet service. You just sign the paperwork and we do the rest.

Bandwidth Audits

We will run a series of tests to see how much bandwidth your are consuming, how much you need, and provide multiple carrier quotes for improved service if needed. It’s not uncommon to increase speeds and lower costs, especially if you have had the same connection for over 3 years.

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