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Human Firewall

Let us teach you a lesson,

before the hackers do. 

Protecting your company’s information goes further than implementing the best technical solutions, the human element can't be overlooked. Studies show that most attacks on corporate networks could have been prevented if users had increased awareness of what to look for and what behaviors are higher risk for infection. So how do we address this? By strengthening your human firewall.

​360 Security Awareness Program

Zeta Sky 360 Security Training
  • Awareness Test- We'll prepare and deploy a simulated hacking campaign on your network. This will provide you with a baseline result of how your employees will respond to potential threats.
  • Training Modules- Each employee will be enrolled into interactive online training modules that cover various areas of cyber threats
    • Security Awareness Training
    • Mobile Device Security
    • Handling Sensitive Information
    • Basics of Credit Card Security
    • Compliance Training
  • Simulated Threat Drills- Once users have been through initial training, we will design and randomly deploy phishing threats to your network and analyze results. Staff that need further training can be re-trained. New courses are released annually to keep up to date with the latest threats.

How Strong Is Your Human Firewall Today? 

How would you like to test your network security and see how your employees would deal with a Phishing attack? We'll deploy a simulated attack on your network, measure the results, and provide a report to see where your weaknesses are and what you can do to improve security. We offer this FREE TEST to make sure you have a chance to discover any weaknesses before a real hacker does!

Cyber Security Awareness Training can reduce risk of network infection up to 70%. Your employee can be the difference between a major data breach or just another attempted attack.

Online Training Modules

Training Progress Reporting

360 Cyber Security Awareness Program

Affordable. Simple. Effective

​Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, our cyber security training program is easy to design and deploy. You'll not only increase the security of your company, but your employees will appreciate the added value they get from this training.  Click the button below to get a quote for your 360 Cyber Security Awareness program. 

Would your employees recognize this threat?

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