Attention Apple Users: RansomWare Has Arrived

It is often thought that if you use a Mac vs. a PC you are much more secure against viruses, and that has been partially true. In the past most viruses were written for PC’s because well, let’s face it, most of the world uses PC’s. So the odds of being attacked on a Mac were much lower. That trend has changed recently and more Mac devices are used and have now become a substantial market for hackers to target.

Last week was a big milestone for Mac security. On March 4th Palo Alto Networks said it found RansomWare on Mac OS X devices. If you haven’t heard of RansomWare, it’s malicious software that hijacks a computer and locks a user’s files until a ransom is paid. In a business case, the software spreads from a computer and makes its way to the file server and tries to encrypt all corporate files. This is what happened last month to the hospital in Hollywood.

Check out the full article on CNN Money to learn more.


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