Are You Maximizing Your Internet Speed?

How many times have your employees complained about slow internet? It’s something we always hear, yet the solution is not always as simple as ordering faster internet. Before you go ordering that 100Mbps Fiber connection, go through and make sure the foundation is laid to support it. With more and more Cloud/Web applications being used in business, having a high performance internet experience is more important than ever.

Switches and Cabling

Network CablingThink of data as plumbing. You wouldn’t want to increase the water pressure coming into your house if your plumbing and faucets couldn’t handle it right? Same goes for your internet and data flow. Make sure your switches can handle high speeds and are manageable, meaning you can divert and segregate different kinds of data traffic. One of the most common scenarios is separating data traffic and voice traffic to ensure you VoIP Phone system is getting priority versus someone streaming a video on their computer. The video can wait a second or two to load, but that conversation with you client on the phone can’t drop!

Cabling is another important fundamental element that sometimes gets forgotten. Make sure your cables are healthy and organized so that no packet loss is occuring (think of it as a leaky pipe). If your server room looks like a pile of spaghetti, it may be difficult to troubleshoot potential cabling issues, so be sure your cabling is neat and labelled.

Business Class Firewall

An often forgotten upgrade to consider when getting fast internet is your firewall. If your firewall was purchased back when T-1’s were all the rage, odds are it will not be able to manage high outputs of bandwidth. Be sure your firewall can handle the speed of internet your are upgrading to, otherwise it may be time to upgrade that as well. Your firewall can also act as a control as to which parts of your network, or even which applications receive priority of your bandwidth.

Wi-Fi System

WiFiAnother common aspect of the network that gets forgotten are Wi-Fi access points. Make sure you have a system that can handle high bandwidth throughput as well as the growing number of devices your business has surely experienced in recent years. We have seen numerous instances where a company increases its bandwidth but users connecting through the Wi-Fi don’t see much of a difference. It’s usually because their access points either can’t handle the extra bandwidth or haven’t properly been configured.

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