Is Your IT Outdated?

It’s kind of funny to look back just 10 years and think how much has changed in terms of technology in business. It seems like we have all had iPhones and Androids forever, but the reality is the iPhone wasn’t even around 10 years ago. Yet odds are, some of the technology in your company’s network may pre-date the iPhone!

Its a scenario we see play over again and again. Most companies don’t realize they need to invest in IT before it’s too late. Most don’t proactively upgrade systems, instead they wait for something to fail or a security breach to occur before finally updating their servers, operating systems, switches, firewalls, etc.

With a little proactive planning and using technologies such as Desktop as a service for example, you can minimize your ties to technology that become obsolete quickly. One of the reasons our clients like the Cloud so much is that it puts their IT planning on auto-pilot. They can run their business and know that things like their operating systems and versions of Microsoft Office will be up to date when they need it. No more worrying about server operating systems or desktops getting “old”.

If your company is still using old servers in-house, users all have different versions of software, and working remotely is like moving through molasses, it’s time to invest in new technology. Don’t get left behind, elevate you technology and contact us today.



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