Common Traits of a Growing Business

We have the opportunity of working with many diverse companies and executives. Our line of work enables us to really get to know each company, what they do, and how they do it. When we look across our client base there seems to be a striking difference in companies that grow and the ones that are stagnant.    The CEO.

Learn to Let Go

We’ve all heard the phrase ” work on your business, not in your business”. As a start up, many CEO’s have no choice but to work in their business. If you’re short on resources and cash, you have to do what you can to run the business. In that case the owner may be the CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, CIO, and the one to put the new bottle in the water cooler!

Ultimately though, the business takes off and there comes a point where you have to make a choice on what roles to start shedding off. That’s usually a point where we are brought in if the CEO is looking to stop spending (or wasting) time dealing with technology. The ones who are successful in offloading these responsibilities follow these steps:

  •  Identify the daily or weekly tasks they do working IN the business
    • IT work, Operations, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, HR, etc.
      • Prioritized by the amount of time the task is consuming and the cost to offload
  • Hire internally or outsource
  • Train, build confidence, and LET GO


Delegate and Trust

A common road bump after offloading roles is to still try and do the tasks yourself. The “if you want it done right, do it yourself” mentality seems to be the killer here. CEO’s that realize they need to empower their support staff, and maybe let them make mistakes to learn, end up with better results in the long run. It takes time, some training/coaching, and a lot of trust. Not everyone does things the same way, but what you may learn is sometimes different can be good…and thats when the creativity and growth starts to take place. Howard Shultz (Founder of StarBucks) put it best when he said, ” you need to be willing to surround yourself with people more talented than you are in certain areas”.


Focus on the Market

The CEO who can put themselves in the shoes of their clients and their market seem to see the true growth. They can only really achieve that level of focus once they’ve successfully built that team around them to handle the roles of running the business. A true form of leadership, delegation and trust is achieved. Being on the technology side of things, we’ve noticed the CEO’s who have reached this level are truly running thriving companies with growth and develop a company culture that almost becomes it’s own entity. They spend their time on initiatives such as:

  • Innovating Market Value
  • Differentiation
  • Employee Productivity & Satisfaction
  • Developing Partnerships
  • Empowering Sales & Marketing

These CEO’s are the ones asking us for alternatives to “traditional” IT. They want mobility for their workforce, uptime for their clients, and they don’t want to bog down their internal resources. They realize their company is focused on delivering its goods/services to clients, not running ancillary services (HR, IT, Finance, Marketing, etc.). Of course these areas of the business are vital, but can not get in the way of the primary focus.

If you’re a CEO looking for a technology partner to offload IT roles in your company, talk to us. We want to help you focus, delegate, and lead your business to success.

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