Network Compliance:

Change Management & Monitoring

Depending on the market you serve you may be under varying network compliance requirements such as HIPPA, FISMA, PCI, or even requirements that your clients may request. Besides putting the basic security and redundancy measures in place (i.e. firewalls, anti-virus, backup, encryption, etc.), change management is key to protecting and monitoring what is happening on your network. Below is an overview of the features we offer our clients to best manage compliance.

Continuous Monitoring of IT Infrastructure

Zeta Sky offers  change and configuration auditing platforms that provides assistance with continuous monitoring of a broad range of security controls as required by the latest FISMA updates by auditing changes to system configurations, permissions, stored content and access attempts. This greatly simplifies your compliance auditing by providing you with a variety of predefined easy-to-read reports containing detailed information about what is happening across your IT infrastructure, including the “who,” “what,” “when” and “where” details. It also provides you with a real-time alerting engine for critical events and an ability to assess the systems’ state and compare it to historical or baseline values.


Get a High-level Overview of Changes and Drill Down to Details

You need a strategic picture of all modifications across the entire IT infrastructure with  overview dashboards. See how often changes are made, which users are making the most changes and which systems are affected. With this type of information you’ll be able to detect unusual spikes in user activity, as well as dig into details on every change.


Meaningful Reporting for Security and Compliance

Gain complete visibility of everything that happens in your IT environment and pass compliance audits with more than 200 predefined reports and dashboards that are available with filtering, grouping, sorting, exporting, email subscriptions, web access, granular permissions and more. All reports are ready to use and can be consumed by the management team regardless of their technical skills. Reports provide information about all configuration, content, security changes and access attempts, with “who,” “what,” “when” and “where” details and “before” and “after” values for each change.


Recording of Users Sessions

In a situation where one or more users may be high risk, you have the ability to record their computer usage in a compressed and transcripted format. This tool is useful in a termination of employees where you have proof of potential illegitimate, or simply non productive computer use. The video formats can be customized to provide adequate frame rates as well as storage size, all while providing a transcript of user actions. This is very important since sitting a watching a user’s session recording for hours is just not realistic. The transcript allows you to have a “table of contents” of each recording so you can easily pin point certain activities.


Receive Alerts on Critical Changes

Be sure to stay current on events as they happen with  real time alerts. They notify you in near real time about any unauthorized system configuration changes and other events that may be considered to be security incidents. You can use predefined alerts that are available off hand or create your own custom alerts. It helps you prevent security breaches by knowing exactly when a critical change occurs. For example, you are notified when someone is added to the Enterprise Admins/Domain Admins group.


See System Configurations at Any Time

Easy evaluate your actual set-up and ensure that it conforms to security and compliance policies and baseline configurations. Our assessment reports show you configuration settings at any point in time, such as group membership, password policy settings or permissions as they were configured a year ago.


Document and Store Audit Data for Years

Be confident that your audit trail is safely stored for years. Zeta Sky offers a reliable and cost-effective way to retain audit data in a compressed format, rationalizing your investments in storage solutions. Leveraging SQL databases, you are able to compress your audit logs into an archive, reducing the storage consumed and enabling you to retain the data long term.

With Zeta Sky’s network compliance platform you can audit the entire IT infrastructure (including systems where native logging capabilities are limited or lacking) as opposed to using multiple hard-to-integrate standalone tools from other vendors. For more information please contact us.

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