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Zeta Sky Integrates Office 365 and ProLaw:

Microsoft Office 365 offers many advantages for small and medium businesses, law firms are no exception. Now that Cloud hosting has become commonly accepted by Thomson Reuters and the legal community, the desire to integrate Office 365 is growing rapidly.

Zeta Sky has successfully integrated ProLaw and Microsoft Office 365 with Office 2013 for a number of clients. Features such as the add-ins and Outlook/ProLaw agent are able to work just the same as with an on-premise network. With a long history between our engineering team and ProLaw’s, we’ve been able to provide full functionality to our clients all while ensuring the security and compliance that a law firm requires. This exciting achievement offers law firms the ability to implement security features such as MFA (multi-factor authentication), email encryption, email legal hold, and isolated Cloud environments that are private to a particular firm.

Many of these features used to be limited to some of the largest firms in the world and very expensive for small-medium sized law firms to implement. With the successful integration between Zeta Sky, ProLaw, and Office 365; law firms now have true enterprise technology within their reach.


Change Management: The key to compliance

Zeta Sky’s latest release includes our change management platform. Clients that choose to build a private Cloud environment now have the option to layer in powerful logging & change management tools. New regulatory measures require a firm to log every action that occurs on the network. Information such as who is logging in and out, what times, what files are accessed, saved, downloaded, deleted, etc. Zet Sky’s change management software has the built in reporting to provide deep insight into the network and enables firms to achieve full compliance and auditing of their environment.

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