2014 Reliability Metrics: AWS vs. Microsoft Azure

There are many players in the Infrastructure as a Services (Iaas) market but the two undisputed leaders  in terms of volume are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. A question that often comes up when discussing these Iaas providers with our clients is in regards to reliability and uptime. We came across a great Forbes article (Keeping The Cloud Up–The Great Amazon Microsoft Cloud Reliability Showdown, by Ben Kepes) that looked back at 2014 in terms of specific outages that these two giant Iaas providers had and what it meant for their customers.

So often the media loves to cover any outage that a major service provider has, but fails to explain or inform on the specific details. Sometimes what is reported as an outage my only affect certain services, some of which do not affect uptime. The article does a great job of comparing the two providers and explain what services were affected in 2014 by errors or outages. The results show that AWS lead the race in terms of minimal outages, most of which were contained to specific data centers and/or services. It is becoming increasingly clear that Iaas providers like AWS and Azure offer much more redundancy and reliability that most in-house corporate networks, even they most often make the headlines when they have a hiccup.

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