Watch Out Google & Microsoft, Amazon Is Getting Into The Email Market!

AWS owns the lion’s share of the market when it comes to Cloud Computing, so it’s no surprise that it has decided to add an enterprise email product. Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps have led in this arena, onboarding enterprises and municipalities over the past several years. Now with the Amazon entering the game, they may have something to be worried about.

WorkMail is still in preview mode and is expected to be fully released in Q2 of this year. The specs very closely mirror their competitors, offering 50GB mailboxes for $4/user/month. WorkMail looks to be aimed directly at Microsoft Exchange, offering compatibility with Outlook, Mac OS X, as well as mobile active sync. WorkMail will integrate with cloud based or on premise Active Directory. In terms of security, encryption is offered as well as support for mobile device policies and actions such as remote wipe, password protection, and automatic screen locking.

AWS also recently announced Zocalo (now renamed Amazon WorkDocs) which is a file sharing solution similar to DropBox or Microsoft’s One Drive. This product is integrated into WorkMail so that documents can be attached from WorkDocs. It all sounds and looks very similar to the approach that Google Apps and Office 365 have taken, the only thing missing now is a productivity suite to create and edit documents. We won’t be too surprised when Amazon announces that solution.