Amazon Web Services: Increasing performance, decreasing price

With nearly 50 price decreases to their services over the last 4 years, AWS is leading the way to inexpensive Cloud Computing. New features such as SSD drives and high speed bandwidth also get added, all while costs come down. It’s pretty rare that an industry leader voluntarily reduces its prices but that’s what makes AWS a great company. They know that by constantly innovating and driving efficiency up, they can make up in volume what they reduce in cost, all while gaining massive market share.

If your organization has not yet explored leveraging the public Cloud, it may be worth exploring. Zeta Sky can help you get familiar with the various technologies out there, and with companies like AWS driving costs down, there could be considerable savings vs. hosting all of your workloads and data onsite. Contact Us anytime or feel free to comment and share your experinces with AWS.

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